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DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation

DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation

DAH Solar Assists the Italian PV Market Through Technology Innovation Key Energy 2023 was successfully held in Italy, on 22nd March 2023. DAH Solar's innovative solar solutions have once again won great attention During the Key Energy tradeshow. With the increasing need for solar energy, DAH Solar aims to provide global users with high-quality solar solutions and professional services. We always put users’ needs at the top. That’s why this time we showcased the global patented Full-Screen PV Module, the world’s first integrated PV system, SolarUnit, and the leading solar cell technology N-type TOPCon PV module.  As DAH Solar keeps the technology cultivation and application to the solar solution, the global users will benefit from the advanced technology and obtain more power generation income. We dedicate to providing a greener lifestyle option for global users. At the tradeshow, our Full-Screen PV Module water flow comparison test demonstration experiment (Full-Screen PV Module compared with traditional module) captured large attention. This water test clearly states our global patented product could solve the sore point, which is the dust accumulation problem in the PV industry. Since Full-Screen PV Module eliminates the front frame. This change could let the water run over the module surface and take away the dust and accomplish the “self-cleaning” ability. Because of that, our Full-Screen PV Module could achieve 6-15% power generation increase ratio. If the Full-Screen PV Module has surprised you, the N-type solar cells plus the Full-Screen technology will definitely blow your mind. The N-type TOPCon solar cell is the latest and leading solar cell technology in the PV industry. DAH Solar relied on its technology innovation advantages and perfectly combined high-end solar cell technology, N-type TOPCon, and global patented Full-Screen technology into one powerful and unprecedented PV module. We are confident that our N-type TOPCon Full-Screen PV Module will surprise customers in Italy. Another attention-catching spot during the Key Energy is the world’s first integrated PV system, the SolarUnit. DAH Solar independently developed the microinverter with leading technology. At the same time, we creatively combined the high-technology microinverter and powerful Full-Screen PV Module into one standard unit PV system. Therefore, our SolarUnit could accomplish a system efficiency of around 97.55% (maximum system efficiency rate), which is taking lead in the PV systems. When SolarUnit leaves the factory, the microinverter and module are attached together. Since we considered the complex installation process and the expensive labor cost. The integrated system could significantly help with those problems and make PV system installation easier for the end users. According to research data from industry organizations, the Italian PV installation doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year, and is expected to continue to double every year in 2023 an...

Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., LTD (DAH Solar) была создана в 2009 году. Компания находиться в  г.Хэфэй  провинции Аньхой. Мы являемся национальным высокотехнологичным предприятием, специализирующимся на разработке и производстве фотоэлектрических модулей , строительстве электростанций, эксплуатации и инвестициях. Наша продукция была одобрена международной сертификацией, такой как TUV, IEC, CEC, CE, INMETRO и т. д. и внутренней сертификацикй: CQC,  ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 и т. д. Компания активно изучает международный рынок и создала сеть продаж в более чем 60 странах по всему миру. У DAH Solar есть собственная команда разработчиков из 35 человек, и мы постоянно инвестируем в исследования и разработки продуктов, и уже получили более 30 патентов. Фотоэлектрический модуль Smart pv module  и облачная платформа мониторинга, разработанная DAH Solar, занимают передовые позиции в  солнечной индустрии. 

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